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Next on Vanina Hänin! Lagardere & Mareva "Beloved Shadows", original mix & Fanatic Funk Remix

cover art by Dan Lagardere

Official release date: Avril 30, 2021


Yes, we must admit that we undeniably love Lagardere’s duos. The one with Roxane “Dancing Around Me” was already an exploration which turned the musical collaboration into a groovy mad dancefloor heavily danceable gem.

This time his duo with Mareva has got again this elegant touch only Lagardere knows how to bring into his productions. Poetic, nocturnal, Mareva singular french vocals are giving to this song about extreme passion a totally cinematic mood. Her particular voice tone, thick with emotion, is electrifying with such a special way the song, turning it into a dreamy nightish journey. If you carefully listen to the lyrics, the two characters are singing almost in mirror, which brings us directly to the art work which is also presenting the two characters in a kind of yin and yang state, deeply fusionned, interconnected together.

Fanatic Funk remix is even digging deeper in the original material. Fanatic Funk’s ability of revamping a track into a rolling, rocking, heavy dancefloor bomb is damn impressive.

"Haunting" Vanina Hänin

“Très chic”, elegant and romantic, Lagardere and Mareva’s heartful electronic ballad seems to be the perfect late night song to dance to with your beloved ”half” shadow.

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