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Coming very next on Vanina Hänin Digital! Sept. 2021 Lagardere's Wild Child Stories - The Remixes

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

cover art by Philippe D. Eliopoulos

Well, when the original song is already sounding damn dark and pretty badass, how to revamp it? Simply ask a bunch of crazy artists out there to remix it! And let "The Horrorist" close the march with a savagely raving grand final!

"Revamped wilderness." Vanina Hänin

Follow Lagardere’s motto: “always stay wild at heart, never surrender to conformity, stay connected to your wildest dreams.” Your inner “Wild Child” will for sure guide you to untamed territories! Fanatic Funk Remix - Dirocco Wild Mix - Sergei Eiland Remix - Motif Mutant Remix

The Horrorist Remix

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