Mikela Jay

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Mikela shot this on her sony ericcson cybershot cam/phone, & edited it in final cut pro. She wrote the original music using garageband, recording her vocals into the pinhole mic on her laptop. Mikela Jays haunting little jewel of electronic soul "Try To Tell" deserved to be remixed for the clubs. Two swiss producers, Plastique De Reve and Lagardere have taken the challenge, bringing us two exploding dancefloor tracks. Plastique De Reves Remix reflects perfectly his personal music love affairs, ranging from futuristic electro, techno, acid house and cosmic disco, as well as sound design and soundtracks for films and installations, blending them into a sophisticated robot house mix of pulsing beats, catchy synth stabs and arpeggios, and a whole array of yet un-deciphered intergalactic signals. Lagarderes Shamanic Soulscapes Remix is a deep and hypnotic minimal journey into the unconscious, driven by subtle percussions and haunting reverbs that climax in an epic breakdown. Three, deep, radical, soulful and superbly crafted visions composed by unique and versatile talented artists.