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Jimmy Ohio has forged his own style, although in spirit this might recall contemporary artists such as Akron, Ohio's Black Keys or Richard Swift...The simplicity of the compositions, love of rock'n'roll, and pure passion poured into the singing often give the music a classic feel... Basic Black in size 10 is a necessary addition to your collection. "Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? Basic Black is not only the title of Jimmy Ohio's first EP, but a fitting description of the raw, bluesy, and timeless rock 'n' roll found therein. Last year, the Brooklynite flew back to his one-time home of Detroit and holed up in a former Baptist church for four days with some old pals. The four songs that emerged each paint heartbreak with a slightly different brush, and offer tastes of what might have come of a longer recording session. From the bristling energy of "Hello and Goodbye" to the delicate reflection of "Quiet Sound" — each track leaves you wanting more." - 3hive.com


"100% rock'n'roll, timeless, Jimmy Ohio's music can be played and replayed over and over, you'll ever find a new colour, a new path that will deeply invite you each and everytime for a brand new and singular "voyage", a taste of eternity." Vanina Hänin